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5/1 "What Can Judee Do For You?" I am very much looking forward to discussing your concerns, ideas and thoughts that I, as your State Representative, may be able to assist with.  All residents of Alfred, Limerick, Newfield and Shapleigh are invited.  Together, as a team, we have the best chance to make a difference for our community.  Saturday, May 19, 1-3, Gallery on the Green, Alfred
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Judee's pathway to success:    Work together to research the facts and to understand our options.   Engage in meaningful and positive conversation.  Be candid, but respectful and our ideas will provide solutions.
  5/17  Blog question from a district resident:

What will you do for small businesses?


I will advocate  for business.  Based on my discussions with district local businesses so far, I am in favor of fewer burdensome regulations, less taxes and particularly  fees,  and less government intervention.  Maine has not been a competitive state for attracting and developing small businesses and we need this competitiveness to keep our graduates here. 

I am interested in the specific issues facing our local businesses and will be holding a series of "Small Business Summits".  This forum will allow specific small business issues from the district to be brought out into the open so we may begin work on them at the state level.

I have found that there are many small businesses in the district with very specific needs that are not being addressed.  Although I have not been elected yet, I have already begun to advocate for theses businesses.  Thank you for the question.